Get Best Health Coverage For Our Family From Religare Health Insurance

Religare Health Insurance Company is an entity that comes under the group of Religare Enterprise Limited, Corporation Bank and Union Bank of India. Though the company offers almost all types of insurance ranging from two-wheeler to Term Life Insurance, its health insurance and term life insurance have gained popularity over the years due to their excellent features and benefits. The company has been in existence for several years now and many people from different parts of the country have availed numerous benefits from its insurance plans. The health insurance cover provided by Religare are best suited for individuals as well as their family members.

The lifestyle and thought process of the current generation has changed significantly as compared to their predecessors. Nowadays due to hectic life schedule and busy work routine, most of the individuals are looking to lead a life that is stress free and devoid of any uncertainties. One such uncertainty is the emergency medical situation that can appear out of nowhere. To tackle this unforeseen situation, Religare has devised a health cover that can take care of all such medical situations. Customers who avail their benefits do not need to worry about medical emergencies any more. These policies provide a safeguard against expensive medical treatments which otherwise would have been very difficult for the customers to bear on their own.

Key Plans offered by Religare Health Insurance Policy

Religare health care policies are very competitive in the market and provide some of the best health care plans. There are numerous plans which insured can avail, some of which are listed below:

Comprehensive Health Coverage: The Comprehensive Health Coverage plan at Religare is known as CARE. This plan has been designed to take care of all your medical needs. Through this plan, Religare aims to provide all the medical benefits and features to all the members of the family under a single umbrella. Some of the special features of this plan are No limit on ICU charges, cover for ambulance charges, availability of no-claim bonus and domiciliary cover. The plan comes at a very reasonable amount of premium which does not put any burden to the pockets of the insured.

Additional Plans

Religare also presents to its customers, some of the customized plans that they can choose from based on the medical needs of themselves and their family. Although majority of the features remain the same, these plans have been tweaked a little keeping in mind the financial status of all the customers. Some of these customized plans are listed below:

Super Saver Plan: This plan is designed for those individuals who want a medical cover of up to 4 lakhs. This plan provides most of the basic benefits to the insured and works best for the common people who fall in the average salary bracket.

Elite: As per the name, this plan is devised for elite set of customers who are looking for additional benefits and top up and are willing to pay a higher premium. This plan includes the sum assured of 5, 7 and 10 lakhs.

Elite Plus: The next level of health cover offered by Religare is called the Elite Plus. This provides five possible coverage amounts viz 15,20,25,30 and 40 lakh. This is suitable for corporates who are looking for some of the finest medical insurance services.

Global and Global Plus: The next level of plan that is generally suitable for very rich and extremely prosperous individuals are the global and global plus plans. Both these plans provide extreme benefits to individuals and their family. Accordingly, the insured has to pay a very high amount of premium to take this cover.

Health Insurance has now become the need of the hour. Arguably this is one of the most important and must to have insurance cover for individuals and their family members. The biggest truth of life is that it is very uncertain and unpredictable. You cannot control your life but you can certainly take precautionary cover that can empower you to tackle unforeseen situations in life. This precautionary cover is nothing but insurance. So, in case you have still not thought about it till now, it’s the right time to give it your attention so that you can secure your future in your present.